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C. de Portugal, 39, 1ª planta, Local 26, 28943 Fuenlabrada, Madrid



VIALOS has a modular and flexible organization that adapts to the needs of each action and a group of collaborators specialized in the different activities of the company.

VIALOS AREA GLOBAL is one of the most highly qualified law firms in Spain and with a constant presence in the transactions of Spanish companies abroad as well as in the introduction of foreign companies in the national market.

The firm’s partners are sometimes members of the Board of Directors of Companies, on behalf of international corporate clients and in close contact with their legal and internal audit functions, operating with specific powers.

For each contract, a single interlocutor with the client is appointed, with the most appropriate training for the work to be carried out, who coordinates all the activities and ensures the quality and suitability of the service to the client’s needs.

The actions carried out, as well as the information obtained during the provision of the services or that provided by the clients, are considered confidential, independently of the fact of having signed a formal confidentiality agreement or not. We have specialists in each and every one of the branches of Law, Economics, Finance and the Business Market who, attending to the needs of each specific case, are defined in specific work groups according to the greater or lesser complexity of the action that is carried out. raises, the nature of the work that is demanded and the special characteristics of the sector in which the client carries out his activity. In all its services, VIALOS is aware of the need to protect the environment and prevent occupational hazards.

The professionals that make up VIALOS collaborate with different public and private administrations, including engineering firms, financial institutions, investors, insurance companies, quality audits, accounting and financial audits, chemical product manufacturers, electromechanical product manufacturers, product manufacturers food, machinery manufacturers, construction, agricultural, livestock, waste managers and treaters, and inspection and certification entities, as well as promoters and builders related to renewable energies.

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C/ Portugal, 39, 1ªplanta, Local 26, 28943 Fuenlabrada, Madrid


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